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OK, we’re coming down to what will hopefully be the last week of anticipation for Joseph’s arrival. I’m a career preparation teacher/counselor and today there was a former student who showed up with her 5 month old and the little fella really pulled on my heart strings and I can truly say that I’m starting to really get excited about our baby! My (smokin hot, pregnant) wife Crystal and I are going to do a whole bunch of stuff today in preparation and I’m psyching myself up for it. While I’m excited about holding, cooing and playing with Joseph; I’m not entirely excited about chores. But I am more than willing to keep “Boo Boo Sr.” (Crystal) from doing any work, so it looks like I’m in for a sweat filled evening. If you’ve read my wife’s blog then you know that she has a tenancy to do “too much” and it’s my job as a home Priest to protect her (even if it’s from herself). So I’ll be running a lot of interference tonight… pray for me and for Crystal to sit her behind down!


September 20, 2007 - Posted by | Baby

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