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Goodie, Goodie, Gumdorps!!!

OK, the lil man’s here! I want to thank God. Your mercy and grace afforded us a complication free delivery and a healthy baby boy! My Wife. You leaned on God and His promises, trusted in Him and believed with me for a miracle! Our Pastors. Not only have you prayed for us but you have played an extremely key and vital role in our spiritual growth, personal development and OUR MARRIAGE! You two have taught us so much about how to have a happy and successful marriage as well as maintain a God centered family. Crystal and I praise God for the both of you, THANX! To my mom, though you probably won’t ever read this, (pray for the technologically challenged) you have been the vessel that God chose to use to make me who I am, to be a help to us in times of need and to be an awesome friend! You mean volumes to us. To our friends and extended family, thank you for your prayers and support and God bless you all! THANX everybody and pictures are soon to come.


October 4, 2007 Posted by | Baby | 1 Comment