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Birth-Day Bliss…

AHHHHHHH… I am so happy! My 30th birthday was the awesome-est birthday ever! On the 22nd my wife threw me a pseudo surprise birthday 1970’s party and it was FUN! Best party of my life!

On thanx-giving (my actual birth-day) cousin Glenn bless us with a fried turkey that was only complemented by my Bride’s uber tasty BBQ gravy… mmmmmm… BBQ gravy… aghhhhh… She threw her FOOT in it!

Dinner was awesome andthe time withmy girlfriend was the best time we spent together in a while. We had time to look into each others eyes, eat and shop! A TRI-FECTA!!!

Then we went out to eat with two friends at the Melting Pot… my advice to you… GO TO THE MELTING POT!!!

This holiday weekend was the best ever! Thanx sweetie… YOU ROCK!!!


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