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Random Thoughts…

I had the fortunate opportunity to vote today! Some of the things I noticed were both inspiring and saddening…


  1. Over 2000 people had voted in the last four hours in this location alone.
  2. People voted today that NEVER have voted before (and they’re over 18 years of age)!
  3. (like it or leave it) People are voting because they’re inspired and moved by a different kind of politician.
  4. There’s an energy that is inexplicable and NO ONE complained about the wait! wow…

Down Right Demoralizing!!!

  1. Young men REALLY don’t realize that sagging pants means ‘something else’ in prison!
  2. Tight clothing for women, apparently, is fashionable no matter how much you weigh… don’t get me wrong, I’m a ‘big dog’, but you won’t see ME in spandex! (unless it’s on the bike path)
  3. (last but not least) With all of these new voters and unlikely voters, there are still some out there who don’t see the importance of voting… : (

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Hello world!

Alright! I’ve updated my blogismness! I switched sites and I think that this one will prove to be much more beneficial.  This is my first post and more will be coming soon!

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