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What are you into???

Word of Faith will be starting small groups after the first of the year! YIPPIE!!! I’m extremly excited about this because it gives us an awesome platform to build community in our church. People will have a constructive outlet to, not only to talk about ‘stuff’, but to find God centered solutions to ‘stuff’.

We plan to have three types of groups; Bible Study Groups which focus on sermon/series topics, Special Interest Groups that do fun stuff togetherĀ and Focus Groups that focus on specific demographics like marital status or something like that.

One of the things I’m trying to figure out as it relates to the Special Interest GroupsĀ is… what are we into??? So anyone out there who has a suggestions… drop a line.


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Random Idea

OK, random idea: Next Thanks Giving we can have a competition among Word of Faith’s small groups. The group that signs up the most people for and gives away the most Thanks Giving baskets wins a prize like diner at a nice restaurant or something.

What ya think???

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