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Top 5 Reasons I Ride My Bike to Church & Work

On my way to church this morning I had a thought… Why don’t more people (in Dayton, OH) ride bikes? After pondering this unfortunate reality I thought of 5 reasons why I ride my bike to work, church and pretty much anywhere I can.

1. It saves us money! We budget about $300/month for gas! And if I can put even the smallest dent in that chunk of change then I’m all for it!

2. The physical benefits! from my house to work and back burns about 300 calories! Not to mention the resistance on my legs helps to build lean muscle… boom-chicka-wow-wow!

3. The AC on my bike is better than the AC in my car! I drive a 22 year old car and the AC doesn’t work. That combined with the engine heat and the valuer seats makes my car a hot box in the summer!

4. My church doesn’t have a dress code! Thanx to PB&J (Pastors Bob & Jamila) for not making MarketPlace Ministries another stuffy/traditional church where people feel out of place if they don’t have on a suit!

5. I don’t get picked to go get lunch! For some reason, the good people at my job tend to pick me to be the lunch go-getter. This isn’t a big deal, but for some unknown, cosmic reason JM’s lunch always comes back wrong when I go pick it up… and I think he suspects me!

My hope is that cycling will catch on and folks will grab hold of the concept and run with it! Ultimately, I ride because it helps me to be a good steward over God’s money and His Temple (my body).

Peace & Love ya’ll…


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I’m so irked…

I have to confess that when I hear preachers preaching a message that is incredibly general or vague and offer no real tools for practical application I am severely aggravated! I recently heard a message where the preacher was doing the typical whoop and holler and it made me think about all of those messages that I heard early in my walk with Christ that stirred up a lot of emotion but not much else.

I remember sitting in the¬†pews thinking… “is that it?”. Don’t get me wrong, I never want to be critical of anyone speaking the Word of God, but I do hope for a more over all message. A message that not only excites me, but inspires me to change something. Maybe the way I conduct myself, or the way I speak, but if all I’m hearing is everything is gonna be great… well that bothers me! Everything won’t be great! There will be times of distress and heartache, but the promise of God is to comfort and we need to know that!

Just my thoughts… I think I needed to vent more than anything.

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God is Full of Grace and Mercy

The lord blessed me with a word today. I was given the charge to preach aa message on Word of Faith’s 5th ministerial anniversary and The Lord sho nuff spoke to and through me. I’m completely humbled by what he said and did today. Folks told me that what was said helped and that it really had an impact and that’s all I want from a message, to know that God’s word had an affect and that someone could be changed (for the better) as a result. I think that too many times, preachers preach in order to appear a certain way or to glorify themselves. This is NOT my intent AT ALL! I’ve learned to only focus on the message and what it’s supposed to do, persuade someone to come to Him. God; I can only imagine how it makes The Lord feel when we use His platform to bring attention to ourselves. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to hurt my LORD’s feelings.

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